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Keep it simple - word from wooden blocks with letters, to make something easy, keep it sim

Cloud Computing

Cloud solutions have become widely available, cost effective, and more reliable.  We have followed cloud computing since it launched. Some of the reasons cloud services had a rough start were because of some very simple factors.  1.  Cost of hosted solutions were to expensive.

2. Bandwidth in a small to medium sized office was typically either a legacy DSL line, or maybe some bonded T1s.  No matter what you do, you are limited to the bandwidth you carry.  In todays tech marketplace Broadband and Fiber connections are the standard. 


Security is often overlooked, and when we say overlooked I mean heavily.  You would be surprised how many clients we have worked with over the years that still had the same password to their servers and network as they did 10 years ago!  This means that every IT guy whos has logged into to their servers even to install a printer has access to their system. We are security experts!  We can show you how secure your system is and how to make it more secure.  We Offer HIPA compliance and Cyber Security services to all of our clients. 

Remote Office

We can assist you getting your office staff access important information from anywhere! Remote solutions have come along way offering more productivity and availability.  We are familiar with all remote solutions and how they can integrate with corporate infrastructures.  Phones, Email, CRM, EMR, CMS. Call us today to get your company able to work from anywhere!

2. On Demand Support

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

1. Managed IT Solutions

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

ITS Simplified can assist you in tailoring your firms environment to meet the high demands of your business.  Getting ahead of the technology curve does not have to be complicated.  We use simple and effective strategies for enhance efficiency, and increase productivity.

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